Friday, 3 August 2012


Hello guys- I'm back safe and sound!! I'm very tired! I haven't really slept since Tuesday night! I snoozed for a bit on the plane. I arrived back at 5.15am on the 2nd August and went back to my house to drop my bags off and jumped in the car and drove to Wales!! I couldn't wait to see my family and friends! I wasn't able to sleep much last night either! Hopefully I will tonight! I'm in bridgend at the moment! I'll head home tomorrow to sort my things out before i back to work for the tizzards on Monday!
I've had a great experience over in oz- I wouldn't change a thing about it! I think I've become more independent and Ive seen some of the world and it was great that I could do it with horses!  I've learnt and seen a lot at Moody's!  I'll never forget this trip!
I can remember crying the first weekend in oz, was tired and missing home! But after two weeks I was away- enjoying and learning! Three months went so quick, it would of been great if I could of stayed out there for a year! I didn't really want to come home!! But I'm exited to go back to work for Colin, he's a great man and a great trainer! Hopefully we can beat the record of winners this season! We are getting better each year! I can't wait to see all the new ones he's bought!
Thank you for all your support !
One thing I would really recommend, if your interested in traveling , go to Australia!! It's  a great country! I can see why people  move away and live there! I would love too!

Sunday, 29 July 2012

My last few days!!

Hello people, I'm sorry I've been a while updating this! I've finished work at Moody's now!! I've had the best time ever here and I'm gutted to have to go home! I've learnt and seen so much! I'm not sure where the time has gone! The three months have flown by!! It's Monday morning and I'm just at home sorting my stuff out! I'm going out for a meal tonight with a few from work! I flew up to cairns on the weekend for a few days and went swimming on the great barrier reef- it was unreal! Loved it!! I've got lovely pictures! It was very very hot! I burnt on the first day! I was nice going alone and just relax! I stayed in a hostel and met loads af great people! I will right a big report once in back home! Thanx!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Winner winner chicken dinner!

Hello people! It's 4.15 and I'm home after a long day! Got picked up to go to work this morning at 3.05!! Early! But I had a new job this morning- I had to go into every stable and check if the horses had eaten and drunk! Then take their feed bins and water buckets out - I had to then go back to each horse that hadn't eaten up last nights feed and take their temperature !! one of the horses that hadn't eaten up was our winner today!! Della- he's temperature was fine and she went and won easily! Obviously didn't stop here. Soon as I finished doing that I went and mucked out a few and helped the guys on the yard! 6.45 I went home for a shower and change into my racing clothes! We went racing with molonys truck today. They had one in the same race as ours! The first race 11.30! It was good going racinig with another trainer, just to listen to what his opinions were on a few things! He was asking me about what I thought of Australia and what I do back home! We got there at 10.20am- gave us time to unload and take the colours to the weighing room and give her a brush over! By that time Pete was there ready to saddle! In three months today was the first time I've been racing when peters been there. Strange! I spent some time with him, was listening to the instruction he gave Luke! The word around the track was that there was a fancied one in the race but team moody went and won, she won well! Great result! Pete had been to see black caviars full brother before coming racing!! He's only a baby!! Could be intresting in time!! We left the races at around 1.20 after the 4th race! It took an hour and 45 min to come home!! Early night tonight!

Monday, 16 July 2012

16 + 17th of July

Hey guys- Monday 16th I just worked the morning. 3.30-9.30! Nothing exiting happend today. Just the normal routine! The only difference was that we had to move 13 horses out of one over flow yard into a new barn moody now rents! It was finished yesterday- bedding, water buckets ect!! But before I left at 9.30 I had to put all the new bridles together!! 13 new bits, head pieces, rains and chiffney bits! They had 13 new rugs too. they ad to go over to the new barn ready for tomorrow!! Wev now got main barn, a,b,c barn. They all get treated the same. Same feed, work, swim, sand roll but the same staff stay in their selected barns! This afternoon I went to the city and went up the tallest tower in melbourne- eureka tower!! It was a lovely day and I could see for miles! Brilliant views!! No runners today! 17th July! Tuesday morning means work morning and the trials!! 47 horses working and 20 horses in the trails!! Busy busy!! I went up the tower with Pete after mucking out and going from main barn to a b and c to check everything was ok! One horse couldn't go out this morning because he had hit his head on the door or somewhere in his box and cut his pole quite bad!! He was one to put on the vet list at 4am this morning!! I didn't get to talk to moody much this morning because he and Jeff were flat out clocking horses! Horses going everywhere! Some were working on the grass this morning but the reverse way to try and keep the track in better condition for the next meeting, meaning they didn't sprint on the home straight! They only hacked cantered on that part! The trials went well this morning- one or two finished in good times but a few were sacked ( as moody would say). Means they will be in the field by tomorrow morning! No room for bad ones he said!! Out!!! We had a filly that bled this morning out of her right nostril! The stuard came and had a look and told moody to get the vet to it and let him know what the vet said! The stuards come up every trial to check their papers ( passports) and to pass any horse that needs a barrier certificate if they behave at the barriers !! If they play up they won't be able to race! They they play up at the races they have to come back to the trials to get another barrier certificate! Good system! I heard moody on the phone to Tom and Donna a few times telling them to put a few down on the vets list to get injected or to trot up and few to scope!! When I got back I held the horse for the vet that needed scoping that bled after the trial! She hadn't bled from the lungs which was a good result!! Just bled from the nose! Right time to read my book before I go back to swim some horses!!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Questioning moody!:-)

Hello people ! It's Friday the 13th and it's been a good day so far. I went in at 3.30 and mucked a few out before going with the boss up the tower! Quiet day really as for working the horse. We had a few going quicker but majority of them only doing slow work. I don't normally go up to the tower on a Friday but I thought its a quiet day to question mr moody:-)! I like asking things! It was nice having time to talk to him. he told me a few things that he though others should of done to try and improve their skills! He said when he was working under someone he use to do lot of different things to try and improve his skills and to learn as much as he can! He said he's always had a passion for training horses, always wanted to be champion. in all the years he's been training he's always done the work sheet- he always knows what every horse is doing. And even when his father died and on his wedding day he work. He also said he's only had one or two days off- and that was last month when I was here! He must of been very ill. He's the first trainer up that tower every morning with out a doubt !! Whilst everyone else is fast asleep probably ! He always looks out for his horses only. He concentrates on his ...not like a lot of others up the tower!! Katie my friend from Adelaide has come over this morning with her horse, she runs here tomorrow! Peter use to train her himself but she wasn't good enough for what he wanted so he gave here to Phillip stokes! I questioned Pete about a horse called 'Ben' a big grey colt. I asked where he'd gone, I noticed he wasn't in his box. He said he wasn't very good so he bought him off the owners and sent him up the bush to be trained by one of his friends!! Pete was originally from that area and he wanted to support them. he said funny you asked about him because he won last weekend. Great result! I told Pete that he should come to England to train...he smiled and said ' only if I trained for an owner!!!' I asked Pete if I could go and see nelly and the grey colt that's come back from England- he said there is no point because I wouldn't be able to go in. That's a shame but hopefully I'll see nelly when she comes back in two weeks! Nearly time for me to go home. There's a few things I'd like to do before I go. I started yesterday, I went into the city and found the museum. Phar lap the great race horse is in there!! It was great seeing him and reading up on him!! In his 4 years on the track phar lap won 37 of the 51 races in which he started! Including 14 in a row in 1930-1931! He's the only horse to have been favourite for the Melbourne cup three years in a row. Since the mounted specimen was donated to the museum of Victoria in 1933, phar lap has been the museums most popular exhibit. Amazing animal!! I then went and booked a few day trips: to the great ocean road! The great ocean road is one of the worlds most beautiful and naturally maintained secrets! Bells beach is one of Australia's famous surfing beaches. World renowned for the rip curl surfing pro! I might go on a helicopter flight over the 12 apostles! I can't wait! I also booked a day trip to the Phillip island penguin parade ! I need to go to the aquarium and to the old Melbourne gaol! I'm very exited! But the time is ticking I need to hurry on!! Right I must go back to work- I'm going to see a water treadmill this afternoon!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012


Hey guys, it's 10.30 and I'm just at home eating breakfast! Wet day today, not very nice but at least it's not cold! Tuesday I went up the tower with Jeff and Peter for the trials and 41 horses were working, they all had to be clocked! We also had 9 in the trials . Good morning everything went accordingly to plan!we got gone at 9.30! No runners yesterday nor today! Black caviar is back today! But she has to be in a different yard for two weeks before coming back into caulfield!! This morning I stayed in the yard, took horses walking, swimming ect! Was busy enough, then at 6.30 I went with the chiropractor to treat few horses. He had 40 to do today, he said he might not treat them all today! I find it very intresting! Peter said the chiropractor is my secret to training!! He obviously thinks alot of mick!! Every horse gets treated once a months but if they need more than one treatment they do. They all get treated before they go out for a break and if they got any problems, it needs fixing before going out so they come back in in good order! Mick would give a list to the vet to check over if it's something serious or unless it's a vets job! He was telling me that he treated a few in England whilst he was over with black caviar! He treated the queens horse and another one too that ran in ascot- it also won!! I saw him crack a few this morning and he explained a few things and showed me different things! He told me he likes the idea of putting mud on the horses legs everyday, keeps their legs cold and draws bruising and swellings! Expensive job though!!:-/ He treated a horse that's running tomorrow that's broken his whither! I got a picture of it, it will be on Facebook. I'm not sure when he broke it, long time ago but mick said he's not come across a horse that has a broken whither and it's affected him, he said It doesn't make a difference! Intresting I thought it would! It might over jumps! I spent a few hours with him and then back to the yard to hold a few for the vet! Another intresting half an hour! Learnt a few things this morning!! But I won't say to much....inside information! Ha ha! We finished at 9.30! I might be strapping a horse for Phillip stokes on Saturday, it's coming over and running in caulfield ! Chat soon guys! The clock is ticking- not long infill im coming home!!

Sunday, 8 July 2012

200 winners for mr moody and his team!

Good day in the office for the moody camp! 200 winners this season! We had one winner in Adelaide for moody and the other one was third! Phillips horses ran ok but didn't finish in the first 5! On Saturday I strapped for Peter, I was being picked up from the stables at 10.30. So I got her ready, groomed her and off we went. 5 min trip up to the course where I took smack for a walk and a pee and then I tied her up till Phillip brought the saddle! I sat with her for that time! This was her first ever race, she was very well behaved to be fair to her. All of mr Moody's are well behaved at the races! She finished third. Ran ok but I think everyone thought she would win!! Soon after she had cooled down the truck driver took me back to the yard!i went into the house and watched the racing from all over the country! Late Sunday night I flew back into Melbourne! Had to get a bus.....but the bus broke down then we got onto another bus into the city! Had to wait a good while to get a train and then I had to change...then I got into caulfield and got a taxi back to the house!! Needed my bed by then! Relaxing day today before going back to Moody's tomorrow!